Why Clean Water

Improving access to safe, clean is recognized by governments, the United Nations, the World Bank and NGOs as critical to development and to poverty alleviation.

At the UMAR NASKO FOUNDATION, we believe lack of access to clean water contributes to the growth of poverty because unclean water causes disease that costs money to treat and sometimes cause loss of lives of family breadwinners.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the same access to clean water.

The United Nations estimates that more people die from lack of clean drinking water than from all forms of violence combined including war!

Added to that is the World Health Organization 2015 report which estimates that more than half of the hospital beds worldwide are occupied by someone suffering from a water-related illness.

These stats are higher for the communities we target and serve.

When it comes to access to clean water, hundreds of thousands of People living in rural and poor communities cannot get access to safe, clean water to meet their most basic water needs!

This is where the UMAR NASKO FOUNDATION step in by offering two main interventions:

  • Construction of water projects that provide clean water to rural communities.
  • Providing water purifying equipment and materials to rural and poor communities.

To achieve our goals, we partner with international and local charities, faith based organizations, corporate and individual donors across the country to leverage and increase access to clean water in our target communities.

The Water Crisis


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