Basic Healthcare

At the UMAR NASKO FOUNDATION, we know that lack of access to basic healthcare is resulting into hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths in the communities we target.

Unfortunately, people in rural and poor communities experience poorer health status compared with many urban dwellers, due to inadequate or inequitable access to primary health care (PHC) services that are central to improving women’s and children’s health; and controlling major infectious diseases, such as HIV and Tuberculosis.

This informed our mission to develop and execute primary healthcare initiatives that provides people in rural and poor communities with access to basic healthcare and primary health facilities.

Our Healthcare Initiative aim to achieve these outcomes through three programs:

  1. Reducing avoidable mortality through offering free medical checkup and treatment
  2. Increasing access to healthcare by construction/equipment of primary healthcare facilities
  3. Enhancing quality of life for disabled persons by providing crutches, wheel chairs, and prosthetic limbs to these individuals to enable them to become useful members of the society again.

Preventing Avoidable Deaths


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